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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

2018 Update

Hey there!

Long time no talk!  Been keeping busy here, grinding it out.  Just wanted to update everyone on what's been going on in the life of John.

"Bad Hombres, Best Men", the horror/comedy short film I scored last year, was accepted into the Beverly Hills Film Festival and premiered at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood on April 5.  Was quite the experience!  The movie turned out beautiful, and it was great catching up with the cast and crew of the film.  This was my first IMDB credit, and I'll remember the experience of working on this film for the rest of my life.

"Alone", another wonderful short I scored late last year, is premiering at the Atlanta Independent Film Festival on April 21.  This was another amazing experience for me, and I got to hire Deryn Cullen again to play cello on the score (she played on the animated short "Abendrot" I worked on last year).  I'm pretty excited to hear the reactions to this film and to be able to show everyone!

Just finished working on another short film titled "Getting to Know You".  It has a killer cast, an amazingly talented director, and everything is being mixed together as we speak.  Got to do a nice little cover of the song, "Getting to Know You" (The King and I).  Excited to share this one with you! 

Other than that, just been busy climbing rocks, writing new tunes with The Kepler Mission, and writing some killer music for a few music libraries I work with.  I'll keep ya up-to-date with anything else new and exciting that comes along!

(p.s.  Might do a little website redesign coming up soon...stay tuned!)

Monday, June 19, 2017

Show Announcements

Hey there everyone,

Exciting times ahead!  It's been a busy year, and it's not slowing down any time soon.  This Wednesday I'll be playing a solo show at the Colorado Center in Santa Monica at 4PM.  Then, next week, I'll be flying out to New York and playing an amazing show with my friend Colleen Ruddy accompanying me on cello.  Flyer for that show below!  Hope to see some of you at one of these shows, and stay tuned for more show announcements with my band The Kepler Mission!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Man


Was an interesting year


Will be an even more interesting year

Bring it...

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Art of Finding Work

It's been a busy few weeks!

So awhile back, I posted an ad on, as most composers looking for things to do should.  Now, composers are notorious for begging and pleading for work.  Most of these pleads make composers look needy and annoying.  I mean, it annoys me, so I can only imagine how a director feels!  The composer ads on that site, unfortunately, fall victim to this practice, with composers posting and reposting and commenting on their own profiles to keep their pages on the top.  ?!?!  STOP!!!  It's annoying, unprofessional, and probably not helping you get any work.  /rant
Any way, I posted my ad with a picture of Bill Murray back in February...because who wants to look at my face...someone they don't know or trust yet?  I figured that the picture would at least garner a few clicks on my profile.  Low and behold, it did!  Happy to say, I was recently reached out to by an up and coming animator to help score her final project.  The animatic looks great, and I'm more than a little excited to really get cracking on the music.  I've already started to write some test themes and get a palette of sounds going.  I'll talk more about the project at a later date, once things are finalized.

This weekend is the American Film Market (AFM (not to be confused with the AFM Local 47)).  This is the place to be in Santa Monica this weekend if you are looking to meet financiers, producers, and people from around the world who may want to get your movie made or distributed.  I'll be going and trying to meet the directors and editors who still need music for their films.  It should be an intense and interesting four days of networking and learning more about the business I find myself falling in love with.  And that my friends, is the business of telling stories.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Action On

BAM!  Lot's of good stuff going on in the World of John.

First off, I was accepted into this year's SCL Mentorship Program.  What does that mean?  It means that over the course of the next three months, I'll be meeting with various industry veterans and learning how to go about making a living as a composer.  Our first two meetings were inspiring and informative, and I'm extremely excited to really find my way as a composer in this crazy town.  I've been to a few SCL events now, and can't believe it has taken me this long to really reach out and start to network properly.  But better late than never.

The "Action On International Film Festival" was a few weeks ago, and the short action film "The Has-Been" I wrote music for screened.  It was exciting to see the film on the big screen, and to hear my score in a theater.  The project was a great learning experience, and I really enjoyed creating something to help tell the director's story.  Excited to find and start a new project...hopefully sooner than later (here's the film, for those who are wondering).

Haven't really written anything new lately.  I found myself rather preoccupied with learning a bunch of music for a wedding.  But now that that is over and done with, you can expect to be hearing some new stuff coming from me soon!

Be well readers.  Stay inspired, stay positive, and keep on keepin' on...

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Where Have I Been???

It really has been awhile since I've been here.  I apologize.  Sometimes life has a funny way of, well, being life.  You might be wondering, "Where's the new music?  Are you still writing?  What's the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything?"  The answers are, "On the way. Yes. 42".  I found myself a little preoccupied the past month or two.  Jumping around California every other weekend visiting family, and just taking some needed time away from work and life in Los Angeles.  I also landed a nice little composing gig for a short film, "The Has-Been".  Fun little Kung Fu flick.  I'm pretty excited to share it once I get a final cut of the film.  And today, I submitted my resume with some music samples to the Society of Composer and Lyricists (SCL) for their mentorship program.  It would be an amazing opportunity to work alongside some accomplished composers and hopefully lead to becoming a full time composer.

So those are the goings on of John Theodore at the moment.  Still writing my acoustic solo stuff, thinking a lot about TKM lately (so maybe some of that in the near future), a lot of rock climbing, and keeping my eye on the prize of getting out of the life of having a day job.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Video Game Music - Mysterious Cave

Newest cue up for grabs!  Got caught up yesterday, so didn't have a chance to post for my "New Cue Monday".  Anywho...hope you enjoy!